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Posted on August 28, 2014 in Marketing by

Content marketing: New Rain Maker

En las secciones de content marketing, encontramos a la empresa Rain Maker, la cual tiene una oferta interasente de entrenamiento en linea.


Este entrenamiento lo puedes ver en la pagina:

Contiene 7 lecciones y tres webinars (contenido en ingles)

Lesson 1:

Why the Key to Business Success is Media, Not Marketing
Lesson 2:

Why a Personal Media Brand Beats “Marketing” Every Time

Lesson 3:

How to Build a Lucrative Asset While You Make it Rain

Lesson 4:

Why the New Rainmaker is a Digital Media Producer
Lesson 5:

Eight Ways a Digital Media Platform is More Influential than “Marketing”

Lesson 6:

The Critical Thing You Need to Earn Targeted Traffic – Today, and into the Future

Lesson 7:

The New Rainmaker as Magical Mentor on the Buyer’s Journey
Webinar 1:

The Critical Three-Step Process to Creating a Digital Media Platform that Sells
Webinar 2:

The Rainmaker Content Strategy: Create Less to Sell More
Webinar 3:

The Rainmaker Conversion Approach: Accelerating the Buyer’s Journey